Public Constructions (2012)

About the Project

Public Constructions is public park and light installation built with materials normally used for traffic control and construction safety. Objects that are used to block and obstruct were repurposed to create an open and inviting space for people to sit, relax, and engage with each other, and their city, in a fun way.

By playing with the material vocabulary of construction safety and traffic control objects, the night park aimed to cast new light and perspectives on alternative uses of public space.

About the Festival

DLECTRICITY was a two night light art festival in Detroit in the vein of Nuit Blanche. It aspired to engage a broad and diverse audience, create a sense of community and be a place for stimulation and discussion about the impact of art on public spaces. The city landscape was transformed into temporary exhibitions, inviting the public to rediscover these spaces and see them in a new light.

Video documentation

Shot and edited by Reid Bingham

Photo documentation

The 10 foot tall glowing flowers in the installation were made from 64 hacked traffic barricade lights. Each one was rewired with custom electronics to be able to be controlled by DMX over Cat-6 cables. The entire installation was controlled by a BeagleBone.

Speedrail and repurposed RJ45 connections
One of the four construction barrier benches we made for the park

The inside of the light installation control suitcase
Wired control suitcase